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Karen Garrido, CFO Spectrum

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As a child I watched my grandfather, a brilliant engineer and inventor, design a product ahead of its time, that’s still used today.  He started a business that manufactured and sold this product.  He owned and worked at that business for over 55 years until the day he died.  Although he invented a product that was both relevant and ahead of its time, his lack of business knowledge, finance, business strategy, risk analysis and competitive advantage put his invention and business at a significant disadvantage.  He did what he loved, designed products.  He did not reap the benefits of his designs.  Was that his dream?  My guess is, no.  Unfortunately, I didn’t ask my grandfather what his vision for the business he started and worked so hard for was.  This story is personal, but not unique. 

Why does one business grow and another fail to thrive?  Entrepreneurs have a strong passion to provide a unique solution to a problem.  A successful business is more than hard work and a great product or service, it is also well managed operations, finances, systems management, time management, marketing, risk mitigation planning and strategy.  Smaller businesses also use a number of trusted advisors who contribute customized solutions based on a thorough understanding of your business, your goals and aspirations, the competition, technology, regulations and economic cross currents.    

The CFOs at CFO Spectrum work across an organization to provide insights and solutions to every day challenges facing passionate entrepreneurs and their leadership teams. 

Our mission at CFO Spectrum is to help small businesses like my grandfather’s achieve their dreams by providing the thought leadership of an experienced CFO at a fraction of the price. 

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